Friday, January 13, 2012

Sirius XM Kids Place Life VS Radio Disney... No Contest!

Why do I feel like I can tell you all some great tips on Kindie Music and children's media?
I signed up to take my girls to a school 30 minutes from  my house, and so on my non-work days (or my unpaid-days, I mean), I  spend 30 minutes one way. Fifteen minutes in the carpool line. Thirty minutes the other  way, and then ten minutes home from there. Twice a day. Surprising considering the size of our town. But it is worth it. So we read, listen to music and audiobooks, and talk. It's a great way to force your kid to pay attention to you! But my kindergartener can have days where she is so worn down by the end of the day, she does not want to talk. So we turn the music up loud so you can't really talk above it. Problem  solved!

Our satellite radio subscription ran up a couple months ago, and so I went without it for a little bit. Somehow this was an indulgence that I could not live without! I had it added back, and now we listen to Absolutely Mindy on a nearly daily basis! She is quite an entertaining DJ, and she has some great appearances by Kindie music performers and children's media experts. We have learned about everything from gross science to awesome book picks and toy experts! She has the most informative and hilarious broadcasts. And every day at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 she does Birthday Missions, and if you give her your name and town, she will wish your kid a happy birthday and they have to complete silly tasks like "Wear your clothes backwards the rest of the day" before they are aloud to grow another year older. And other awesome fact? Mindy has the same birthday as my big girl, so she has an awesome on-air birthday party. How cool is that?

As a parent, I havedecided that over-exposure to material, commercialized images is too much for our children to be exposed to and too much "star worship." In a world where Beyonce and Jay-Z can shut down a hospital because they are afraid someone will sell their pictures to a tabloid, we need to forget about the star-worship a little bit, and they are totally training our kids to do that over on Radio Disney. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Willow Smith are regulars on that station, and our tastes are not so Top-40/ pop radio.

So in the future, I will  be posting about all sorts of new, cool, fun kindie artists, and performances and kids' music related info. Occasionally I will venture into other media realms-- internet or video or movies, as it related to music. I hope you all enjoy it here and find my posts informative and intelligent. And fun. 'Cause that's was kindie is about.

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