Sunday, January 22, 2012

Contest for Bill & Keith Fans!

From the awesomeness that brings us "The Leftovers" and "Down in the Backpack" (a funny take off "Down on the Boardwalk") is another even FUNNER idea-- YOU WRITE THE TITLE, THEY'LL WRITE THE SONG. No way!! For real!

I took the pleasure of sitting down with the awesome creative mind of Miss Pants over here at Kindieriffic, and emailed in some fabulous ideas. We could have come up with many more, but it was a teacher workday for her, so we had to pick up The Brain at Preschool, and go pet the bunny. It was a very busy day.

So in case there are still ideas floating out there in the netherworld to be snatched up and emailed to the fabulous duo, email them to Bill & Keith at And go hhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeee for contest rules!! Good luck!

 I don't know who this 
                                                    bear is, I just thought he 
                                       was awesome.

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