Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Recess Monkey AND Caspar Babypants this week???? No WAY!! (and this post has more parentheses than even I can take!!)

Two of Kindie Rock's favorite dahhlings are releasing albums this week, and so if you are a) under 6, b) hyperactive, c) dancy d) all of the above e) something else, or any variation of these choices (this is why I didn't make a good teacher) you can REJOICE!!! These are great shows for you Seattlians (I just made that up) also, so please check their websites for constantly updating show dates! I have totally been waiting for this, and so I am now going to dedicate TRACK 3: Twins! to my own twin sister (who lives outside of Seattle and will have almost-Irish-twin boys as of this summer. They will be 14 months apart).

RECESS MONKEY: I just want to congratulate these three Seattle-area teachers for for making me love Kindie music, in their Beatle-esque ("Carousel") and sugar-sweet rock beats. I thought kid's music would be just more Raffi (GASP!!) and Laurie Berkener. Which is fine, once in a while. But all day long? No. Give me some Recess Monkey and Justin Roberts. Their lyrics, which are fun and meaningful to little kids, i.e. "Day Job"-- haha, Pants just  told me the other day, "I do have a job, Mommy. You told me I did. I go to SCHOOL."-- are great, and the beats and rock sound are totally fun for momma. I am totally downloading this to add to my Elliptical playlist (which will then lead me to be "Covered in Band aids", from the accident that happens when I realize I am singing out loud at the gym).

Casper Babypants, once the lead singer from Presidents of The United States, has been one of my favorites since "Lump" and that song about the dune-buggy bug. It's a little more folky that the POTUS days, but it's still fun. His stuff is not easy to listen to on repeat for 17 hours, but if you are looking for good, clean, poppy kid's music, download this, momma. His girlfriend's artwork serves as his inspiration, so the songs can be very plain and simple, and cutesy. But he never sings about poopy or butts, so I put this on the PLAY list. The CD just released today, so I have not heard it yet, but plan to soon! I'm looking forward to it, for sure!

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