Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#Whois PaulMcCartney???

Sunday night was The Grammy awards, and like any decent, red-blooded American over the age of 25 I did not watch them, because I was lying in bed reading a book, and so I missed the performance by Paul McCartney. Of course, I don't watch them now (as I used to be an awards show addict, and dog shows too), because Extra, CNN, YouTube and any other current events program will show the best clips the next day and then we get to get on with our lives in the real world. But anyway, Paul McCartney performed a sweet and soulful "My Valentine" and then closed the show with a medley of "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight," and "The End" and the whole Twittersphere errupts with hashtags of "Who the !@#$% is Paul McCartney?? Serious, World? This is how dumbed down our culture is getting? Pop culture can't remember one of the members of the band that undeniably changed music as we know it? The original pop teen icons, the Beatles, lead to the invention of pop rock & roll music, boy bands, live music, and not to forget, the use of drugs in the 1960s to influence how they listened to and made music. The Beatles, and especially Paul McCartney (seeing as how he is one of the surviving members and has continued to make music all those years), have lived a life in the spotlight since Beatlemania originally hit the US. Now, of course, some speculate that this was just a joke that people took way to seriously, just like when Eddie Murphy supposedly died a couple weeks ago. But just to show that my children are so much brighter than the silly braindead teenagers out there, Pants has recorded her response to this silly ethereal dialogue.


And speaking of the Grammys, congratulations to North Carolina's Secret Agent 23 Skidoo! His song "Cooperation" was on the anti-bullying album "All About Bullies...Big and Small!" I've heard it's a fun show, so if he is here in Raleigh and you want to see a kid-friendly hiphop show, check out his website for dates!

And here's Pants:

So not all kids are stupid. Smarty Pants.

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